1031 Like-Kind Exchanges

5 things to know:

  1. Section 1031, which allows for “like-kind exchanges,” has been in the tax code since 1924.
  2. A 1031 like-kind exchange is not a tax “loophole, “ but rather a referral-the owner pays tax on the property when it is ultimately sold for cash, as opposed to when it is exchanged for another property.clip_image002
  3. Any cash you receive as part of the deal – for example, if the property you receive is valued lower than the one you exchange if for and you receive cash for the difference –is taxed as partial sales proceeds (usually at the capital gains rate).
  4. 1031 exchanges are only allowed for investment or business property, but in some cases can be used for properties such as vacation homes, and for tenants in common real estate.
  5. Timing is important. A “replacement property” must be designated within 45 days of the sales of your property, and you must close the deal on the new property within six months (180 days) of designating it.

Lot’s of 1031 exchange opportunities in Doral!

Want to learn more: Call or email:

Richard Recuset-Broker/Owner


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“Si usted no dispone del tiempo y/o no posee los conocimientos, entreguele la propiedad en manos de un Corredor calificado”

*Nothing in this article is intended to solicit listings currently under contract with another broker.  This article offers no legal or tax advise and is for information purposes only.

About Richard Recuset

As a Miami resident for over 35 years, Richard Recuset has a very unique and exceptional real life perspective in the Industrial Airport West Doral Submarket. His performance record shows a high degree of professionalism and hard work with an accompanying enthusiastic personality. His proven degree of persistence best serves his clients goals, always protecting the client’s interest as though it was his own. You can count on Richards’ personalized and knowledgeable service along with his strong character and integrity to get the job done right. For superior real estate representation in The City of Doral and surrounding areas, call Richard Recuset, your real estate professional.
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